How to Send a Blank Message in WhatsApp?

You should have seen that empty messages are often sent on WhatsApp recently. So, how to send blank message in WhatsApp?

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WhatsApp is now one of the most used and preferred messaging applications. We can say that it is the most successful instant messaging application. It is also a great advantage that it is available on iOS, Blackberry, Java, Nokia Lumia and Android devices. Thanks to the WhatsApp application, you can send instant messages, videos, photos, documents or audio recordings to anyone you want. You can also chat by voice or video. It also has the ability to share snapshots like the Snapchat app. Today, thanks to WhatsApp and other social media applications that provide instant messaging, it is possible to stay in touch with everyone regardless of distance. 

Although WhatsApp seems to be used and known by everyone, there are some tricks and functions that most people do not know. Among these hidden functions the question arises of how to send a blank message in WhatsApp. This function can be useful to prank your friend or confirm that anyone is online in the app. 

How to Send an Empty Message in WhatsApp?

How to Send an Empty Message in WhatsApp?
  • First copy the invisible symbol inside the parentheses ( ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏ ‏‏‏‏‏). 
  • Then go to the WhatsApp application and select the person you want to send the blank message to. 
  • Paste the character you copied into the text box and send it. 

You can easily use this method both from the WhatsApp application on your mobile device and from WhatsApp Web. By using this invisible icon you can surprise people not only in messages but also in your bio, status and on other messaging and social platforms.

Sending a Blank Message with App

There are two different methods of sending blank messages in WhatsApp. One is to send a blank message without using an application, and the other is to send a blank message with the help of an application. If you want to send an empty message with the help of the application, you must first download the application to your device. Then you can send empty messages to the people you want by following the steps below. 

  • First, install the Empty Text application on your device (only available on Android).
  • Complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen that appears after installing the application.
  • After the installation is complete, run the application.
  • Then click to the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • The most popular aspect of this app is that it is quite simple. After clicking to the Submit button, select the person you want to send the blank message to. The app then sends the blank message to the person you selected. 

I hope you enjoyed our guide, have fun with the empty messages that you can use everywhere, not just for WhatsApp.

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