Top 5 FiveM mods for RP servers: Uniqueness + Realism

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FiveM roleplay

FiveM is a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create and join roleplaying (RP) servers. On these servers, players can take on character roles and interact with other players in immersive custom game modes.

Mods are add-ons created by the FiveM community that enhance the gameplay experience. From visual upgrades to new game mechanics, mods allow server owners to customize their worlds.

For those looking to improve their RP server, here are five of the best FiveM GTA 5 mods to consider adding.

Knocks Clothing Pack

The Knocks Clothing Pack adds many items of high-quality clothing and accessories. From shirts and pants to shoes, watches, chains, earrings, and more, this clothing pack dramatically expands your character customization options.

The menu organizes all clothing items into easy-to-use categories, making it simple to create the look you want for your character. The detailed texture work and modeling create extremely realistic pieces that fit right into the GTA V world.

The Knocks Clothing Pack is a must-have FiveM mod if you want to let your players express themselves through their clothing choices.

FiveM Daily Lucky Wheel

FiveM roleplay cars

The FiveM Daily Lucky Wheel is a fun mod that engages players every time they join your server.

A colorful prize wheel is displayed on the screen, filled with items, weapons, money, and vehicle prizes. The wheel spins automatically when players enter the game.

Server owners can add money prizes to the wheel that players can win to reopen the wheel additional times. This money can be obtained by completing in-game activities or through systems like Tebex for monetization.

Other features that make this a top FiveM mod include:

  • Excellent visual design
  • Fully optimized
  • Easy to configure
  • Responsive display
  • Abuse barriers
  • Displays player profile picture & info

The FiveM Daily Lucky Wheel is a solid choice for boosting engagement through prizes and gameplay incentives.

Ray Fusion

Ray Fusion is a FiveM visual mod that enhances the graphics of GTA V with enhanced lighting, reflections, and shadows.

It adds realistic light refraction, reflection, and shadow effects that make the game world more vibrant and immersive. Familiar locations take on a whole new beauty.

The visual overhaul creates an incredible sense of realism that pulls players deeper into the city. Dynamic weather, lighting, and shadows transform Los Santos into a living, breathing place.

For RP servers looking to heighten players’ visual experience, Ray Fusion is one of the top FiveM mods available today. The stunning aesthetics lend themselves perfectly to roleplaying and creativity.

Core Jobs

For RP servers looking to add engaging content through jobs, Core Jobs is a robust FiveM mod option.

It introduces four unique and extensively customizable roles for players:

  • Scrap Miner
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Fisher
  • Cargo Delivery

Each job features progression systems, equipment unlocks, abilities, and activities that create rewarding gameplay loops.

Other standout features include:

  • OneSync/ESX compatible
  • Detailed configuration
  • Experience systems
  • Item/clothing/vehicle rewards
  • Well-commented code

By expanding the opportunities for purposeful play, Core Jobs is a top choice for enriching roleplaying servers. The accessible code and configs make customization a breeze as well.

Tactical Elite Gunpack

For weapon enthusiasts, the Tactical Elite Gunpack brings an arsenal of new firearms and explosives to FiveM.

This pack features ultra-detailed models and textures and adds 10 new guns, 2 grenade types, and a missile launcher. Weapons range from real-life military-grade hardware to fictional sci-fi tools of destruction.

The modeling and effects give these weapons incredible visceral impact in first-person. Custom audio, particles, animations, and damage profiles bring them to life.

For players seeking deadlier tools or military roleplaying opportunities, the Tactical Elite Gunpack delivers serious firepower. It’s a must-have mod for action-oriented servers.

Commando Body Armor

Fivem police

Commando Body Armor introduces rugged tactical suits perfect for military and SWAT team roleplaying.

The pack contains many body armor variants, helmets, a riot shield, and a night vision mask. Options range from heavy assault suits to lightweight recon outfits.

The gear is intricately textured and modeled after real-world references. Players equip pieces individually or entire outfits together through simple menu integration.

Commando Body Armor is an essential mod for servers seeking to expand equipment options for tactical ops. The quality modeling and textures lend an authentic feel to all the included assets.

How to Install FiveM Mods

Installing FiveM mods is a straightforward process but does require setting up a server or gaining admin permissions from the server owner.

The basic steps are:

  • Acquire mod files, usually in .zip format.
  • Extract files and place the contents in the server’s “resources” folder.
  • Add the mod name to the server.cfg file.
  • Restart the server.

The mod will now be installed and ready for players to use. Most mods include documentation explaining requirements, dependencies, and configuration.

It’s important to test mods in a local server before deploying them publicly. Check for conflicts, performance impacts, and gameplay balance issues. Tweak configs until the mod behaves as intended.

With hundreds of mods available, building a customized FiveM server is exciting and rewarding. Just take care to thoroughly test mods before letting your players loose!

Other popular FiveM mods

Beyond the top 5 covered already, FiveM offers an enormous modding scene. A few other popular mods worth mentioning include:

  • VMenu: Expanded player functions and information
  • vRP: Complete roleplay framework
  • VisualV: Graphics enhancer for natural tones
  • World Editor: Import custom 3D assets
  • Emergency Callouts: Police/fire scenarios
  • Inventory HUD+: Item organization
  • TokoVOIP: In-game voice chat

New FiveM mods are released daily on sites like GTA5-Mods and FiveM Store. Exploring all the options is an adventure in itself!


Modding opens unlimited possibilities for customizing and enhancing FiveM RP servers. The top mods highlighted here offer excellent ways to improve gameplay systems, visuals, activities, equipment, and more.

These mods empower server owners to tailor the experience to their communities, from creating unique player identities through clothing to entirely new career paths via jobs. Visually stunning upgrades like Ray Fusion further heighten the level of immersion and realism.

Installing and configuring FiveM mods does require some technical comfort, but thorough documentation makes the process very accessible. A customized server not only stands out but fosters roleplaying creativity at an entirely new level.

With the right mix of mods tailored to the player base, any FiveM server can transform into a living, breathing world for incredible RP adventures.

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