CSGO Terms You Should Know

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CSGO Terimleri (CSGO Dili ve Edebiyatı)

What are CSGO Terms? What are CSGO In-Game Terms? We will explain such questions in detail in this article.

CSGO can be difficult to get into when it comes to its gameplay, but even watching a match can be a little daunting if you’re not familiar with the lingo.

Here’s a list of some important terms that I’ve picked up from my competitive CSGO career to help you keep up when you’re watching streams or beginning to get into competitive play.

CSGO Terms You Should Know

CSGO Terms You Should Know

Ace – When a single player kills the entire enemy team.

Bait – To use a teammate (or yourself) to check an area while someone else stays back to get kills or information.

Boost – Using a crouching teammate to get into a position you can’t usually reach alone.

Buy Out – To buy everything you can with your money during the last round of the half or the game.

CT – Counter-terrorist.

Dinked – When an opponent is shot in the head with a gun that doesn’t one shot kill with a headshot; it’s used to get information on an opponent’s health.

Eco – A round in which you only buy cheaper items like pistols, grenades, and possibly armor in order to save money for a future full-buy round.

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CSGO Terms You Should Know

Entry Frag – The initial kill when a T player enters a new site or position.

GH – Good half.

Legged – When an AWP-er shoots someone in the leg. This would normally be a one shot, one kill if the bullet hit another part of the body.

Lit – You or your teammates call this out when an enemy is damaged. It’s possible to be more specific after your death, as you see how much damage you’ve done to an enemy on the deathcam.

Lurk – To walk around alone when the majority of your team is elsewhere, a tactic used to surprise your opponents.

Need a Drop – Asking a teammate to buy you a gun when they have extra money and you cannot afford one.

Ninja Defuse – To secretly defuse a bomb while the enemy team is unaware, often using a smokescreen or when a flash bang or gun sounds drown out the sound of the bomb defusal.

Nade Stack – When players on a team throw grenades simultaneously or in sequence in a particular area.

NT – Nice try.

NS – Nice shot.

CSGO Terms You Should Know

Pick – A quick kill, usually at a defensive spot, that often plays out as a duel.

Prefire – Preemptively shooting where you expect an opponent to be, even through a wall.

Rotate – When a player leaves an area they’re in to help attack or defend another position.

Rush – To run toward a position, usually with your whole team, in order to overwhelm your opponent.

Save – To save your kevlar, guns, grenades, etc. if you’re in an unwinnable situation, so you don’t have to spend money on them next round.

Shoulder Peek – A tactic used to bait out an AWP shot. To shoulder peek, move partly out of cover and immediately return to full cover.

Stacking – To have a more than usual amount of CT players watching a site.

Stutter Step – A method of taking quick, small steps side to side by rapidly tapping the A/D keys to produce fluid movement. Stutter Steps make you more difficult to hit by the enemy, and result in less shooting inaccuracy than regular walking.

T – Terrorist.

Wallbang – Shooting a player through a penetrable wall.

 “x”k – 2k, 3k, 4k, etc. refer to the number of kills a player gets in a single round (2 kills, 3 kills, etc.)

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